This short game allows you to make 8 key decisions throughout your school day. Check out how the transmission bar increases with each choice. You can go back at the end and change any decision you want. Created with Arizona State University and the Learning Futures Collaboratory.

Not compatible with mobile devices. Please use a laptop or desktop computer.

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Gameplay: 5 minutes

System Requirements

Compatible with all webGL enabled browsers. Click here for more information. Not mobile-compatible.

Licensing Information

This game is free to share and adapt in compliance with the non-commercial creative commons license guidelines.

To request open source files, contact us for more information.


Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg, Megan Jehn, Don Balanzat, Ricardo Nieland Zavala, Xavier Apostol, Jude Rayan, Hector Taylor, Anoosh Kapadia, Hannah Bartolomea, Auryan Ratliffe, and Meteor Studio at ASU.