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What is Embodiment?

At Embodied Games we strive to create content that is both kinesthetic and multimodal. This means you are encouraged to use gestures, or to move your body, and that multiple senses or modalities will be activated during learning. An important idea associated with gesture-based learning is that the gestures be “congruent to” the content to be learned. Evidence shows learners retain more information when sensori-motor areas of the brain are activated. Adding the sensori-motor trace to the usual visual and auditory traces in the brain strengthens the memory and makes the learning truly multimodal.

The literature supporting this type of learning begins with Piaget and Montessori and is rapidly expanding in the new fields of Virtual Reality in Education. For more research from our lab please see: Mixed Reality - ARIEL SIG Supernews

Can I use the games with a whole class or just as a station?

The games are designed to be used either way. We recommend the first time you demonstrate a game that you go through it with the entire class watching. Call on a student to help and work through the scenario. Then the class can be split into stations if you want.

Can I use the games on my Mac?

At this point we are designing for Windows and Android. To use the Microsoft Kinect you will need to have BOOT CAMP on your Mac. Another side by side OS (for example, Parallels) may not support all the features of the Kinect

Do you have tests to go with the games?

Teachers - Pre/Post Tests

We have printable tests that are part of the full Professional Development Premium package for almost all our games. If you are unsure if we have a test, please contact us for more information.

Are you NGSS or Common Core compliant?

Each game addresses multiple of the Common Core and/or NGSS standards. These are either in the teacher’s guide or on the Game details page. 

What if I have further questions, or awesome game ideas to build for my class?

We would love to hear from you, please use our contact form to get more information.