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Using the tracking pad or mouse, the player creates friction and accumulates electrons. (This can be compared to walking across a carpet on a dry day!) When the virtual finger is close enough to the doorknob, a spark is created. The interactive simulation shows electrons building up via friction in real time.  The game includes 4 trials, the qnet  of the doorknob changes each time.  The interactive display of Coulomb’s Law as a relation (without k) dynamically changes on screen.

Teachers. Ask students to make predictions:

  • ·    Will they need to scuff more or less to build up qnet on the finger?
  • ·    Is that represented by the numerator or denominator in Coulomb’s Law?
  • ·    How close will they have to get to the doorknob to make a spark appear?
  • ·    Is that represented by the numerator or denominator in Coulomb’s Law?
  • ·    What happens to the electrons on the door knob, as the hand with an excess electrons comes closer and closer?
  • ·    What IS a spark exactly?!



This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No1020367. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.


Features + Learning Goals
Students will learn:
  • ·    Electrons can be removed from atoms
  • ·    Via an embodied “scuffing” motion or friction, players can accumulate electrons (-1)
  • ·    Accumulating electrons affects the qnet of 1 object, and interaction between 2 objects
  • ·    Increasing qnet affects the distance  required between 2 charged objects for a spark to occur
  • ·    Coulomb’s Law describes the E-field between the two objects
  • ·    A spark can occur when certain conditions in the E-field are met
  • ·    Coulomb’s Law (as a relationship without k) is dynamically displayed
Tests + Teacher Guides
System Requirements


1GHz or better processor
1GB or more RAM
DirectX9 compatible or better Graphics Card



OSX 10.6 or Later
Boot Camp Support Software 5.01 or Later