Currently in Development... a mobile game created to instruct in nutrition and purposeful eating.

This is a first person interactive simulation where the player will take on the role of an undergraduate who wants to join a research lab. Playtime:20 min

Bundle Package of the Electric Field Series.

This is a free package of seven entertaining simulations that focus on the Electric Field. It starts with a refresher on net charge in an atom and ends with sparks and how lightning is created. Multiple dynamic simulations show Coulomb’s Law in action.

A groundbreaking exer-game created to both instruct in nutrition and encourage exercise. Microsoft Kinect v2.0 and Intel RealSense compatible.

Currently in Development... a game for the informal learning of concepts surrounding natural selection

Currently in Development... a one hour playable lesson on Circular Motion. It is appropriate for 9th graders and older.

Exercise 1 of 7 in the Electric Field Series.

And engaging interactive refresher for calculating the charge of an atom!

Exercise 2 of 7 in the Electric Field Series.

With an interactive meter, player explores matching electric field target numbers and how  pinned (stationary) and free charges work.

Exercise 3 of 7 in the Electric Field Series.

In an embodied manner, the player explores vector concepts, as well as attraction and repulsion between charges!

Exercise 5 of 7 in the Electric Field Series.

A multi-leveled strategy game. Try to get “Mitey” (with a charge of +1) back home by placing pinned charges in the Electric Field!

Exercise 6 of 7 in the Electric Field Series.

How do we get shocked by a spark from a doorknob?

Exercise 7 of 7 in the Electric Field Series.

Lightning travels through the E-field under certain conditions; fly the hungry Lightning Dragon to the cloud for an energy boost and more points!

4 Part series 

This is the test used in the 2014 study that was published in Journal of Games for Health (Johnson-Glenberg, 2014).