Embodied Games empower learners to comprehend 4th -16th grade content using gesture-based methods.

The team continues to lead the vanguard of gesture-based learning through play.

The Team

Dr. Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg - CEO of Embodied Games

Dr. Johnson-Glenberg holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She creates embodied games that specialize in teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Health Sciences.

She is currently an Associate Research Professor at ASU and has been the principal investigator on several National Institutes of Health (NICHD) and the National Science Foundation (EHRDRK-12) grants. In addition, she has run several grants from private foundations including the fragile X Foundation - where she created a neural network of memory function and The Gates Foundation/NGLC - where she helped to create several games to teach middle school children about Simple Machines. She researches and creates games that use gesture with motion-capture technologies to reify the concepts taught.

Dr. Johnson-Glenberg has published widely on cognition, embodied learning in new media, neural networks, and fragile X syndrome (the most common form of heritable intellectual disability). Her most recent game is Alien Health; an award-winning exer-game using the Kinect sensor to teach children about nutrition and MyPlate.

Ken Koontz - Director of Art

Ken originally attended school for architectural design with a focus on Master Planning from Florida A&M University and followed that with a degree in Video Game Design at Collins College. That background in both visual art and design afforded him the ability to engage in projects that utilize his expertise in both areas.

Ken has spent the last 7 years in the game development industry, where he has focused on various disciplines in the field. Initially an environment artist and world builder, it was at Big Bang Entertainment, LLC when he took on leadership and management roles.

Now at Embodied Games, Ken has been combining technology and the visual experience of video games with innovative research. While leading and managing a team of artists and designers, he is eager to show that games can be fun and visually appealing while still educating, inspiring and empowering the audience.


Dr. Collen Megowan-Romanowicz

Dr. Megowan-Romanowicz is a 20 year veteran high school physics teacher who earned her PhD in Physics Education Research in 2007. Her research focuses on the role of shared representations in mediating student thinking in Modeling Instruction. After obtaining her PhD she served as a postdoctoral researcher for the SMALLab project (School of Arts media and Engineering).

Dr. Megowan-Romanowicz accepted a faculty appointment at ASU’s School of Educational Innovation and Teacher Preparation in 2008. In 2009, she obtained NSF funding to create a Master of Natural Science degree program for middle school science and mathematics teachers, a Middle School STEM College-for-Kids and STEMnet, a local network of secondary STEM teachers and helped to write the NSF DRK12 Embodied STEM Learning across Different Technology-Based Learning Environments.

She currently serves as the Executive Officer of the American Modeling Teachers Association

Clockwork Plan, LLC

Software Engineering, Tools Development & Platform Ports

Juriƫn van Beek

2D Artist, Poster Artist

Michiel Nijhof
Audio Design
Josef Shindler
Programming, Database Design
Jon LeMond

Sound Design and Music Creation

Mathieu Allaert
Programming, Web Development, All Around